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How to Fix Epson Printer Problems with Wi-Fi Connection?

The most annoying fact about wireless connection of Epson Printer is that it shows offline error most of the time. Whenever such situation appears, Epson printer support number 1-800-610-6962 refurbishes your experience. With complete guidance, the team will help you to fix Epson Printer Problems with Wi-Fi Connection.

Epson Printer Problems with Wi-Fi Connection

Offline error is problem for Epson printers with Wi-Fi Connection. In most of the cases the reason varies. Antivirus and Firewalls cause misconnection between printer and the system. If the printer driver is not compatible or not up to date, many Epson printer problems with Wi-Fi will occur. Sometimes, if the internet protocol address does not get filtered properly, this error will pop up from nowhere. To disseminate Epson printer Wi-Fi connection problems , you need to proper interconnection between printer, router and computer. Troubled Mac address also boosts such errors.

Efficacious Solutions to Troubleshoot Epson printer problems with Wi-Fi connection:

Whenever any issue appears with the connectivity of your Epson Printer, you need to check a number of things. Read this blog out or learn more about the Epson printer wifi connection problems with the help of Epson Printer Customer Care Service.

Fixing Epson printer problems on a Mac:

  • Open System Preferences and thus navigate to Scanners and Printers.
  • Look for the Reset Printing System icon in the drop down list.
  • Reset your printer by clicking on Reset Printing System.
  • Configure printing machine under the Control Panel option.
  • Look for Network Configuration Panel followed by launching the printing device and scanner panel.
  • Add you Epson Printer by clicking on the + button.
  • Now finally reboot your printer and the router to get free from Epson printer problems with Wi-Fi connection.

Fixing Epson printer problems on Windows:

  • Disconnect your printer and your router and turn it off.
  • Restart your printer, computer and router to launch Print and Scan doctor.
  • Click on Next to check if there are any printing tests.
  • Click on Fix Printing followed by changing the Network Identification.
  • Launch the router’s website and thus adjust the network name.
  • Place the router nearer to printer and reconnect the both properly.
  • Look for the Internet Protocol address under Network and Configuration Screen.
  • Make sure the default gateway and the internet protocol address matches.
  • If not, download the firmware software from the official website.
  • Install and execute the software and thus hit the update icon.
  • Restart your system to save the changes.

Why to Rely on Epson printer tech support?

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Epson Printer Customer Support Number

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How to Configure Epson Wireless Printer to Static IP Address

How to Configure Epson Wireless Printer to Static IP Address?

You got Epson Wireless Printer for your office purpose as well for home use. Initially you it was working smooth but suddenly struck in middle of your important work. The problem you came across was of printer kept on disappearing from the network connection. With the complaints piling up, you try harder to resolve the problem yet you fail to solve the issue. Avail the Epson Printer Technical Support in case you are failing to resolve the problem.

Best Steps to Configure Epson Wireless Printer to Static IP Address

After the study you came to the conclusion that this problem usually emerges whenever a device isn’t manually added to the router. You need to provide the fixed address to the device so that it stays in the same spot. To set the IP address of the printer you need to reserve the IP address so that it doesn’t reset every time the router or the printer is turned off. For this to work the wireless printer should already be installed and detected in the network. In case your printer is not yet connected to wireless printer, do follow the instructional guide below and align the Epson Wireless Printer to Static IP Address.

Best Steps to Configure Epson Wireless Printer to Static IP Address

Solutions to manually assign a Static IP Address in Epson Wireless Printer via following the below mentioned steps:

Stage 1: Tracing the IP Address for any OS of the PC

  • From the control panel of the Printer device get the print done for Network Configuration Page and Wireless Network Test report
  • Keep note of the Printer IP address and the gateway
  • Do the comparison of the printer IP address to the gateway IP address. Address format must be similar.

For instant:

In case of similar format

Gateway IP address

Printer IP address

In different format

Gateway IP address:

Printer IP address:

How to Configure Epson Wireless Printer to Static IP Address

Stage 2: Configure the Wireless Printer to Static IP Address

  • Type the printer IP address in your Internet browser address bar and press return. Web page will be displayed showing the internal settings of the printer
  • Click on networking tab than on wireless tab and then IPv4tab. Manu path will be different depending on the model of the printer
  • On the appeared page perform the following steps:
    • Set the manual IP from the note you took from stage #1
    • For subnet address uses unless you know that it is different.
    • Use gateway IP founded in stage #1 for gateway address and fill the first DNS
    • Leave the second DNS field bank and click apply
  • Get the print of another network configuration page to verify that your printer IP address is what you assigned
  • Switch off the wireless printer and router
  • Restart the router
  • After the router fully boots restart the wireless printer

Epson printer support

After this troubleshoots you don’t have to add your printer every time to get your work done. Contact Epson Customer Support Number USA @ 1-800-610-6962 (toll-free) and get assisted if you are failing do troubleshoot on your own.