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Get to Know About Fixing Epson Printer Error Code 0xea by Applying Some Simple Steps

Since the advent of the technological era, we have seen several changes and innovations. Gadgets like computers, laptop, and printer, have given us a new way of working. Now we are more efficient and productive due to these devices only. If we focus on printers alone, then you will find multiple options in the market, but one who is leading the industry since its inception is Epson. It has more than eight series of printers which covers all most every segment of the marketplace. From colored printers to black and white, it has alternatives for everyone in all possible price ranges. Name your need, and they will fulfill it. However, with time these gadgets collapse too, and reasons can be many such as regular use, part malfunction and error codes, etc. One of the errors which generally users encounter while working on Epson printers is 0xEA. You can come across it due to following reasons:  

  1. Jammed carriage caddy of the printer due to some stuck packaging material
  2. Cartridges are not correctly seated and installed

Epson Printer Error Code 0xEA

The tendency of getting Epson printer error code 0xea is higher in new printers as compared to the old versions as it generally occurs at the time of the first setup. It is an outcome of misconfiguration and wrong installation. However, with some simple steps, you can fix it on your own. Instead of finding a nearby Epson repair center all you need to do is follow the process which I have mentioned below. Here it is necessary to follow all the steps in the same manner in which they are written as any deviation will hamper the result.

  • Step 1: Open the printer and look inside to ensure that there is no material such as  tapes, or anything else which is stuck
  • Step 2: Take a close look at the cartridges and make sure that they are seated correctly and are appropriately installed
  • Step 3: Turn the printer OFF if resetting the cartridges did not resolve the error
  • Step 4: Now take all the cartridges out of the printer and scrutinize them. Here you have to look for materials which are left over the cartridges
  • Step 5: Again install them back and make sure that they are seated accurately.
  • Step 6: Turn on the printer and process a printing job to check if the error is persisting or not

Usually by applying this process, one can resolve this problem but still if you fail to fix it on your own then contacting the Epson printer repair service provider at 1-800-610-6962 will be a right thing to do. Sometimes finding a source of  Epson error code 0xea can be difficult. Here you will need an expert who has worked on several cases of printer repairs. If you have basic technical knowledge then only proceed further by applying other methods as one wrong move can damage your device permanently.

How to Fix Epson 3540 Printer 0x60 or 60H Errors on your own?

When you look around yourself, you will find technology and gadgets everywhere. Gradually with time, we have grown dependent on these devices for even doing simple tasks. For instance, if we take a printer as an example then imagine the effort which it will take if we have to make some copies of a document. However, with printers, you can accomplish this task within minutes. All you need to do is feed the paper and get your job done. When you surf the market for finding alternatives, then you will come across several brands, but one who is leading this herd is Epson. With its class apart range and wide variety in all segments, it has captured the whole industry.

From organizations to the individual they specialize in catering need of all type of consumers. However, sometimes these gadgets can collapse too. Regular use, component failure and much more can be the reason behind issues in your printer, and one of them is error codes.

Generally, Epson users encounter an error which is known as Epson error code 0x60 or 60H. When your printer suffers from sensor issues, then this error shows up. These sensors are also known as PW sensors. You will find them attached to the printers. There are some models of Epson which are vulnerable to this error such as B-500, B-300, B-508DN, B-308, B-518DN, B-310N, B-318N, B-510DN. However before panicking and finding an Epson printer repair service provider you can try to fix this error on your own. DIY is a new trend of today’s generation.

epson error code 0x60

Maybe it’s a need of the hour as in such a fast moving life, it is difficult to take out time for going to a repair center. Below in this blog, I have mentioned a process through which you can resolve this issue. Here it is mandatory to follow all the steps in the same manner in which they are written as any deviation from the procedure will not yield you any benefit.

  • Step 1: Clean the sensor

First, you have to clean the sensor part with cotton. Moisturize it a bit and then apply on the sensor. If you are unable to locate it, then you can look for the exact place in the manual.

  • Step 2: Remove all jammed paper

Check if there are pieces of paper or tiny object left under the carriage at the right side. Sometimes jammed paper bits can also be responsible for Epson Printer Error Code 0x60 or 60H. Open the printer with care and clean it carefully. Make sure that you take out even the tiniest pieces so that any chances of error due to jammed paper can be eliminated.

  • Step 3:  Remove recently installed programs

Go to the control panel and then click on “uninstall a program” option. Now right click on the software which you want to remove or uninstall and click on the “Uninstall” option.

  • Step 4: Check and download latest updates              

Find and click on the “Start” button and type the Windows update message in the search box. After typing, click on “check for update” option. Now find the latest updates and download it.

  • Step 5:  Run a tool

For fixing Epson XP-322 error code 0x60, you need to use and run a tool which is capable of performing an in-depth scan process and can also restore the corrupted Windows system files. Here all you need to do is click the “Start” button and then, type the “CMD” command in the search box which you will find below. Now right-click the “CMD” to run the administrator account. In command prompt section, type “sfc /scannow,” and press the “ENTER” button to proceed further.

  • Step 6: Log into safe mode

By utilizing a networking tool, check that whether the error still comes up in Windows or not. Click on “Start” button and type MSCONFIG. Tap the “Boot” icon from the pop-up dialog and click the Safe Boot icon in the Boot section. After this, click on “Network and Reboot the PC’ option and end the process.

By following this process, you will be able to fix Epson fatal code 0x60 without any hassle. However, if it fails to provide you a result then contacting Epson repair center will be a wise decision as now only an expert will be able to help you.

What are the Most Common Epson Printer Error Codes and How to Fix them?

Printers have given us freedom from manual efforts for making copies, but sometimes they can annoy to a great extent when they encounter issues like error codes. All you get to see is a small message indicating number along with a one-line text which only an expert can understand who has relevant experience in handling Epson printer error codes issues. There is no doubt that Epson is one of the most established brands in the printing industry, but any gadget can collapse with time. Here mostly due to lack of knowledge, users directly start searching for an Epson printer repair service provider by typing “Epson printer repair near me” in their browser without even knowing that they can fix these error codes on their own.

You only need some basic technical knowledge and patience to resolve Epson printer errors. Below I have mentioned some remedies along with the description of error codes in all the series of Epson printers.  Here you need to make sure that the solutions are applied in the same manner in which they are written as any deviation from a procedure can affect the result.

Epson AcuLaser Series

A) Code: 6030


pressure roller high-temperature error


When the temperature of a heat roller does not reach a specified value for 22 to 40 seconds after the warm-up is started, then this error arises. Sometimes.


Method 1:

  • Check the connection between a fusing unit and connector
  • Now remove the fusing unit and install it again

Method 2:

Analyze if the heater lamp 1 (H1), 2 (H2) light is on when you turn on the printer. If it is off, then you have to replace the fusing unit.

B) Code:  6034


Multiple manual feeder pusher errors


While loading papers a printer detects the MPT push-up tray position. If the output of the manual tray upper position sensor (PC15) does not change even when the stipulated amount of time has passed, then it indicates that the MPT push-up plate is abnormal.


  • If the manual tray does not push paper to the paper load roller, then arrange the papers on the manual tray.
  • 2 If the manual tray paper load roller one-way clutch does not have the claws, then replace the one-way clutch gear. If it has the claws, then replace the manual tray paper load solenoid.

C) Code:  0060


It is a fusing motor malfunction error which shows up in the printer like this:

“Fusing motor (M4) Print control board (PRCB)”


It happens when the fusing motor does not rotate evenly even when the given period has lapsed. In such condition, the motor lock signal remains HIGH for a period of consecutive time while the fusing motor rotates.


  • Check the M4 connector for eliminating connection errors
  • Analyze the fuser unit driving mechanism and look for possible overload  3 Check the PRCB connector for proper connection

Epson printer error codes

Epson Artisan Series

A) Code:  05


It is a paper jam error in which you will find some papers stuck in the scanner unit.


It happens when the paper remains in the path even when it is ejected.


Here you need to replace the waste ink tray assy and lower paper guide waste ink pad assy. After doing this, you need to reset the waste ink counter.

B) Code:  09


This error indicates no ink cartridge in the printer. It will tell you to install the mentioned cartridge.


This error occurs when the I/C of the printer is not set.


  • If the Memory chip on the ink cartridge is disconnected or damaged, then you have to replace it.
  • 2, Connect the CSIC FFC correctly
  • Replace the CSIC Assy if it is damaged

C) Code:  17


It is a duplex unit related error


When the printer fails to detect the duplex unit, then users encounter this problem. Majorly a jammed paper or duplex unit sensor failure creates this issue.


  • Install the duplex unit correctly
  • Check if the duplex unit sensor is connected or not and if it is damaged then replace it.
  • If jammed paper is the reason, then remove the duplex unit by opening the cover, and then take out the jammed paper. Now leave the printer ON and reinstall the unit.
  • Replace the PE sensor if it is damaged

Epson ME Office Series

A) Code:  06


This error generates when the printer is low on ink and needs replacement. It is known as Ink end error.


It appears due to low Ink in some I/C.


  • Install the ink cartridge correctly
  • Look for memory chip and check if it is connected accurately. Also, check if it is chipped or not.
  • Analyze if the dead FFC is connected to the connector on the CSIC Board.

B) Code:  12


It is a DSC direct error. In this, the printer fails to recognize the device


This error arises when an unsupported device is connected to the port for establishing a connection to external memory devices. In such situation, the DSC needs more current than the mechanical limit.


  • Replace the USB Cable if it is damaged  
  • Check and Verify whether the digital camera is compatible with the printer. If not then install a consistent option.

C) Code:  01


It is a communication error which will display in the printer like this:

“LED Power: – LED Paper: – LED Ink: -“


When the panel FFC is not connected to the panel board, then this error comes up. Sometimes a faulty panel board can also create this issue.


  • Connect the panel FFC to the panel board and main board connectors.
  • Check the panel FFC for damages and replace it if it was damaged.
  • Connect the cable of the power supply board to the main board connector CN60 if they are not attached.
  • Insert the blue colored pin of the power supply board connector cable into the 1 Pin of the Main Board connector.

Epson PictureMate Series

A) Code:  08


It is a communication error where the printer is not able to communicate with the computer.


It can happen due to a damaged AC adapter cable, failed connection of Panel FFC to CN1 connector, damaged panel board or main board, faulty battery, etc.


  • Replace the AC adaptor or the cable with a new one if it is damaged
  • Connect the panel FFC to the panel board and main board connectors if they are not connected properly.
  • Replace the Panel FFC if it is malfunctioned
  • Charge the battery if it has not collapsed but if it has failed the replace it.
  • Replace the main board if it is damaged

B) Code:  09


This error is a fatal one for your printer. When this error occurs, your printer will suggest you see the documentation.


By nature, this error generates when the damage is irrecoverable. Majorly it happens because of the damaged main board or CR motor. Sometimes a faulty connection between them can also be responsible for this.  


  • Check the Main Board for damage and replace it if needed
  • Check if the CR Motor cable is connected to CN2 connector on the main board or not
  • Replace the CR Motor if it is damaged.

C) Code:  05


It is a photo cartridge out the error and below is the displayed quote which will show in the printer when it encounters this issue:

“Photo cartridge not installed. Open cartridge cover, then insert a cartridge.”


It generally happens when the cover is closed without a photo cartridge.


  • Correctly install the Ink Cartridge
  • Check the memory chip on the cartridge and see if it is chipping or any other damage has occurred
  • Replace the ink cartridge with a new one.
  • Check if the tension spring 1.46 is disengaged. If yes then attach the tension spring 1.46 to the tabs.

Epson Stylus Series

A) Code:  13


It is a memory card error in which the printer does not recognize the memory card or disk and asks you to format it.


It can happen due to compatibility issues, damage card, or wrongly inserted card in a slot


  • Check the version of your memory card and see if it is compatible with your printer
  • Replace the card if it is damaged
  • Check if a memory card is inserted into the right slot without using the adaptor.
  • Review if the memory card slot pins on the main board are bent or broken. If yes then replace it.

B) Code:  14


This error occurs when there is no index sheet, or it is not accurately positioned. Generally, it shows itself with the name of Index sheet error 1 which is code 14.


The reason behind it can be the opposite direction of the order sheet. Sometimes printer also fails to recognize the index sheet correctly which can lead you to this error.


  • Close the document cover if it is open
  • Set the Index Sheet correctly
  • Check if the Index Sheet’s standard position is clean or not  
  • Reprint the index sheet if it is not clean
  • Clean the document glass.

C) Code:  15


It is a remaining maintenance media error. The test which will display in the printer is as follows:

“Remove the CD/DVD from the tray to carry out maintenance, then press the [CD tray] button.”


When the CD or DVD tray is not clean, or there are some stains on PW sensor, then this error shows up. Sometimes faulty carriage unit can also be responsible for this issue.


  • Clean the PW sensor area properly
  • Connect the PW sensor connector cable to the connector of the PW sensor and CR Encoder board
  • Replace the PW Sensor connector cable if it is damaged
  • Replace the Carriage Unit if it has malfunctioned
  • Clean the marking of the CDR Tray
  • Install the CDR tray correctly

Epson SureColor Series

A) Code:  1101


It is a CR life error which generates when the CR scan pass counter has reached the specified lifetime limit. It indicates that the INK TUBES have reached the end of their service life.


Counter issues of the ink tube or faulty ink tube can be the reason behind this error.


  • Replace the ink tubes if it is damaged
  • Reset the counter of the ink tube

B) Code:  1125


It is a CR HP detection error in which the CR HP SENSOR fails to detect the CR UNIT or the unit fails to recognize the sensor.


It can happen due to CR HP SENSOR failure, false apprehension of the home due to a paper jam or any other obstacle and misreading of CR SCALE.


  • Replace the CR HP SENSOR if it has failed
  • Re-install the CR ENCODER and if it has malfunctioned then replace it
  • Clean the CR SCALE by applying ethanol
  • Replace the CR SCALE if it has collapsed
  • Replace the CR Lock if not working properly

C) Code:  1A39


It is a head error. In this, the electric parts get damaged due to improper head FFC connection


It can come up due to connection failure of the Head FFC. It can also damage electrical parts or components if the connection is improper of Head FFC connection. Sometimes a damaged drive circuit in the printhead can also trigger this error.


  • Replace the Head FFC if it is malfunctioned
  • Replace the printhead
  • Replace the main board

Epson Stylus Pro Series

A) Code:  122A


It is an overload error


The reason behind this error can be the overflow of the current to the PF MOTOR,  the cable of PF ENCODER is damaged, irregular load and PF ENCODER or PF MOTOR failure


  • Replace the PF ENCODER
  • Replace the MAIN BOARD

B) Code:  122B


This error is an over speed error


When the PF MOTOR is driven at a speed faster than a predetermined one during deceleration, then this error occurs. It can also happen due to irregular load, PF ENCODER failure, damaged SUB-B BOARD and  PF MOTOR driver failure


  • Replace the PF ENCODER.
  • Replace the SUB-B BOARD
  • Replace the MAIN BOARD.

C) Code:  00010000


It is a PF encoder check error. When you encounter this error, then the printer stops operation as it fails to detect the encoder pulse signals at intervals of the specified time during the power-on initialization operation or while the PF Motor is driving.


The reasons behind this error are as follows:

  • The PF Encoder connector is disconnected
  • The PF Motor connector is not connected, or the harness is broken
  • The wiring of the A and B phases are wrong
  • The wiring of the motor is faulty
  • The PF Motor has shorted out.
  • The PF Motor kept rotating abnormally.
  • The fuse for the motor driver has blown
  • The Main Board has damaged, and +42V/+24V remote control is broken
  • The Power Supply Board is damaged


  • Clean all the dirt or paper dust on the loop scale and check if it is damaged or not  
  • Reconnect the PF Encoder connector or the PF Motor connector
  • Adjust the PF Timing Belt Tension
  • Replace the PF Encoder sensor
  • Replace the PF MOTOR ASSY
  • Replace the BOARD ASSY

Epson printer repair near me

Epson B Series

A) Code:  09


It is a communication error which shows up like this in a printer

“Power: -.Error: -. Ink: -. LAN(Orange): -. LAN(Green): -.”


When the printer fails to communicate with the system accurately, then this error comes up.


  • Correctly connect the panel FFC to CN1 on the Panel Board
  • Replace the panel FFC  if it is damaged
  • Replace the panel board if it has malfunctioned
  • Connect the power supply unit cable to CN4 on the main board
  • Replace the power supply unit if it has damaged

B) Code:  08


This error is a double feed error. In the printer it shows like this:

Power: -.Error: -. Ink: Light. LAN(Orange): -. LAN(Green): -.


It happens when you feed multiple pages at once into the printer. Sometimes wrong size paper can also be the reason behind it.


  • Set the extension spring to retard between the retard roller unit and the ASF frame
  • Check whether the paper-back lever is operating correctly or not.
  • Adjust the extension spring 6.45 between the ASF frame and the paper-back lever

C) Code:  06


It is an incorrect ink cartridge error. Which displays in the printer like this:

“Power: -.Error: -. Ink: Light. LAN(Orange): -. LAN(Green): -.”


When the ink cartridges are not detected, then this error occurs. Sometimes when ink is out in some ink cartridges then also you can encounter it.


  • Check whether the ink cartridge is installed correctly or not
  • Connect the memory chip if it is disconnected or not chipped
  • Connect the head FFC to the connector on the CSIC Board
  • Replace the CSIC board if it has damaged

With the help of remedies mentioned above, you can quickly get rid of all the problems related to Epson error codes. However, if you still face issues then contacting Epson technical support at will be a wise decision as now only an expert who has handled and given Epson printer problems and solutions will be able to help you. Today you can find many options by just typing “Epson printer repair near me” in your browser as several service providers are nowadays giving 24×7 support.

Stuck with Epson Printer Error Code 0X9a? Fix it within minutes by Some Simple Steps

Gadgets like computers and printers have brought efficiency in work. Now we can finish some specific tasks within minutes which took several manual hours for completion in the past. Today you can find several options in the market, but one, which has offered best in class printer alternatives is Epson. However, sometimes printers can annoy you to a great extent when they encounter issues like errors and component malfunction. One such error which generally keeps on arising in Epson printers is  Error Code 0X9a. Sometimes, due to lack of knowledge, users start searching for a service provider who knows how to fix Epson error code 0x9a whereas you can resolve it on your own.

Epson Printer Error 0x9a Fix

The reason behind this error is a fault in the carriage. It can be due to debris or obstruction for example paper jam, bent or damaged rails, misplaced purge assembly or wiper and dirty or dislocated encoder strip. In some cases, a hardware defect can also be the cause behind Epson 0x9a such as faulty carriage drive motor, belt or gear, lousy sensor or control board, broken print-head or carriage PCB. However, by following a simple process, you can fix this issue. Below I have mentioned the steps which you should follow in the same manner. Any deviation from the stated procedure can fail to deliver the desired result.

  • Step 1: First, open your printer and look for internal debris if any such as a paperclip, small scraps of paper,  or staple pins, etc.
  • Step 2: Now check if you can move the carriage manually or not. When you lift the lid, it should move on its own.
  • Step 3: If the carriage does not move by itself then you can try cleaning the inside compartment by blowing out compressed air
  • Step 4: After cleaning the compartment, check carefully on both sides of it for any obstructions.
  • Step 5: Now find the encoder strip which is a clear plastic strip that will be running with the width of your printer. It sits just above and behind the carriage. Wipe it clean and proceed further
  • Step 6: After this reset the printer
  • Step 7: Unplug the power cable and wait for 5 minutes
  • Step 8: Now press and hold the power button for more than 60 seconds
  • Step 9: While holding the power button plug in the printer and hold the power button for another 60 seconds
  • Step 10: Start the printer and check if the error is still showing up or not

If Epson 0x9a error does not get resolved by applying this process, then I suggest you contact an expert who is experienced in providing quality Epson printer repair services. There are some options in New York City which offer class apart Epson printer support. Do not trust a local vendor as they can ruin your machine and go for an experienced service provider.

How to fix Epson Printer Error 0x10? Do it on your own by following some simple steps.

Technology has given us several gifts in the form of gadgets, and one of them is a printer. Making copies in the past was monotonous, and now you can accomplish it within minutes. There are various alternatives present in the market, but one which has captured all segments is Epson. However, issues are inevitable, and no gadget is perfect. In some models of Epson like WF-3640, you can encounter a problem of error code 0x10. It happens due to a malfunctioned scanner segment in the printer when the system gets stuck in performing scanning function. When you encounter this error, a message will pop up with a text “Epson WF-3640 error 0x10”.

Sometimes, users lack knowledge due to which they get panic, and the first thing which they do is type Epson printer repair near me in their browser. However, before searching a printer repair service provider, you can fix this problem on your own by applying some simple steps. Below I have mentioned a process with which you can resolve Epson error code 0x10 without standing in a queue of Epson repair center. Here it is mandatory to follow all the steps in the same manner so that you can get the desired result. There are two methods through which you can fix this issue.

Epson Printer Error 0x10 Fix

Method 1: A proper physical check of printer  

  • Step 1: Sometimes this error can arise due to the issue with your system or Laptop. Here you will need a software which can help in filtering the stores, supplant degenerate and other missing records. You can download Re-image plus software for this purpose from the internet.
  • Step 2: Now you need to lift the cover from the glass, and then look for the remote molecule. It will look like bits of paper. You can hunt them with a blazing light.
  • In case if this does not fix your problem then proceed further with method 2.

Method 2: Reset the printer

  • Step 1: First, unplug the printer power cable
  • Step 2: Now wait for some minutes
  • Step 3: After waiting for a couple of minutes, press and hold the power button
  • Step 4: While holding the power button connect the power cable to the printer and continue to press the button for another 60 seconds
  • Step 5: Now check if the error is still showing up in your printer or the issue is resolved.

If the problem persists then first check if the guarantee period of your printer is over or still some days are left. If you have got some time left then contact the Epson printer support, If not then I suggest you should not go to a local vendor as he can ruin your device. You can never be sure of his skills as well as the parts that he will use for replacement. There as some vendors in New York City which are known for providing best in class printer repair services which you can contact.

Get to know about fixing 0xf1 Epson Error Code in simple steps

Printers have given us freedom from manual efforts for making copies, but sometimes they can also face issues. One such problem is error codes. In some models of Epson printers such as Epson XP 620, Workforce 2650 and Workforce WF 3540 you can encounter Epson error code 0xf1. Usually, the reason behind it is a corrupt registry entry in your computer. If this error has come up in your printer, then the print head will not read or move from left to right when you start it. In such situation users generally, begin a search for an expert who has experience of fixing error code 0xf1 without even knowing that they can resolve this error code on their own. Sometimes hardware problems can also be the cause of this error. To make sure you can try below-mentioned process so that this possibility can be eliminated.

  • Step 1: Unplug the power cable of your printer
  • Step 2: Remove the cartridge and then attach it again

Epson Printer Error 0xf1

If the issue is related to hardware, then these steps will fix the Epson error code 0xf1, but if it persists then you will need an Epson Error Code 0xf1 Repair Tool which will help you in resolving this problem. Below I have discussed the whole process in detail. It is mandatory to follow all the steps in the same manner so that you achieve the desired result.

  • Step 1: Download Reimage repair tool from the internet and double click on the setup file for installing it on the system
  • Step 2: A welcome message will appear with the button of ‘Next,’ click on it and follow the instructions which the program will give so that it can be installed. During the installation make sure that your system has an active internet connection to download supporting files and packages. It will take some time as it depends on the connection speed.
  • Step 3: After installation, the program will start analyzing the data and will compile it for the repair stage
  • Step 4: The analysis will take some time, and once the program will be done with it then an option will come up which is ‘Start Repair.’ Click on it to start the repair process. After selecting this option, the program will begin repairing all errors by fixing damaged files and will repair registry damage along with other issues.
  • Step 5: Now try to print some documents to check if the problem is still there or not

Epson Error Code 0xf1

Epson code 0xf1 can show up in different types of messages in distinct printers such as “Epson XP 620 error code oxf1”, “Epson workforce 2650 error 0xf1″, ” Epson workforce WF 3540 error code 0xf1″, etc. but the issue is same. You can apply this process in any system. However, if this method fails to help you then I advise taking help from an Epson Printer Repair Expert as now only he will be able to fix this problem.

Ultimate Hacks to Fix Epson Printer Error Code 000031: Enhance Your Printer’s Performance

A printer is an essential tool to prove the authentication of documents. The importance of printers is undeniable in public as well as private sectors. Although documents and information are mostly stored in digital format, the need for a printer still exists. Several printer brands are available in the market, but once users come across Epson printers, their printing experience reaches an unmatched level of satisfaction.

Epson is a Japanese electronics company which is well-known among millions of users for the manufacture of computer printers as well as information and image related devices. It was founded in May 1942. Due to its genuine printing quality, it has become the brand choice for printers around the globe.

Like any other electronic device, your Epson printer might give you error codes and messages. The appearance of error codes and messages are not unusual. Several error codes are there to frustrate users. Each error code indicates that there is an error in specific printer component due to which you are unable to get the desired printing results. Are you receiving frequent error codes and messages? Want to fix Epson Printer Error Code 000031? Avail services from us to eliminate this error in minimum time.

Fix Epson Printer Error 000031

What are the probable causes of Epson error code 000031?

Error codes and messages indicate that something is wrong with your printer. Epson error 000031 occurs if there is a problem in the scanner of your printer. When there is a jam in the scanning mechanism or there is a glitch in the internal hardware components, this error is likely to happen. The error can also occur while you remove the packing materials from the scanner. Therefore, users need to solve the errors with professional help. Our technicians at +1 838-800-0650 are available to you for fixing this error code and help you in the elimination of Epson XP-640 error 000031.

Eliminate printer problems with premium Epson printer support services:

Follow the steps mentioned below to solve error code 000031:

  • Removing the ink cartridges from their Epson printers and reinstall the same with proper instructions as mentioned in the user manual is the first step in solving error code 000031. Restarting the printer for further use will ensure error free printing experience.
  • You can connect the system with the USB cable and reset the Epson Printers. You need to go to the control panel and select “Printer and device” option and right click on the printer to reset it.
  • Paper jamming issues are serious and affect the entire performance of your printer. Therefore, it is mandatory for you to check whether there is any kind of obstacle that is affecting your printer’s performance.
  • The final tip is to turn off your Epson printer.

If you are unable to follow the procedures as mentioned above, it is important for you to contact our executives to avail Epson printer repair services at an affordable rate. Professional help can make your printing experience better and gift your printer a long life.

Contact our executives today to resolve error code 000031:

Users would never want to suffer errors during their printing session. Are you looking for “Epson printer repair near me”? Your search ends with us. Get comprehensive guidelines for resolving printer error codes and messages by dialing +1 838-800-0650. Enjoy professional solutions at EpsonSupport247 without breaking your bank.

Ultimate Tutorial to help you in Aligning the Printhead on Your Epson Printer

Seiko Epson Corporation is a Japanese electronics company which specializes in manufacturing high-quality printers for worldwide users. Epson is highly in demand in New York City for its advanced features and user-friendly access. Whether you are a professional or a student pursuing your course, a printer is as important as any other electronic equipment to serve your printing requirements. Printer simplifies the heavy load of paperwork and helps you in finishing your task at a comparatively lesser time. You don’t need to worry about the security of your data as you can create a hard copy using your printer, any time you need.

Epson meets your requirements and emphasizes on producing machines with advanced features. If you are searching for an advanced and durable printer, you can completely trust Epson.  The company has a wide range of inkjet, dot matrix and laser printers which not only assures you of quality but also fits in your budget.

Any electronic device needs proper maintenance to enhance its durability; printers are no different. Despite being highly user efficient, users can encounter multiple issues with their Epson printers, causing major damages at times. You need to be very quick in availing Epson printer support if you encounter any error with your printer during an ongoing task. If you are in New York City and if you are a little puzzled about how to rescue your printer from frequent issues, take a deep breath and relax. You can rely on our Epson printer repair nyc for effective support for your printers.

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Whoops! Poor Quality Printing! Epson Printhead Alignment not Working?

If the printing quality of your Epson printer is deteriorating, one of the reasons can be the misalignment of the printhead. You might get error messages if the system fails to detect the printhead. You need to realign the printhead to make your printer work like before.

If you think whether you can fix the problem or switch to an entirely new printer, then let us tell you that this problem is curable. All you need to do is avail expert assistance to boost up the performance of your printer. There can be display messages on the screen like ‘Printhead Problem’ or ‘Printhead Appears to be Missing or Damaged.’ As a quick remedy you can try few things at home to kick-start your machine:

  • Step 1: Remove the printhead of your Epson printer
  • Step 2: Clean all the three areas of the printhead; the plastic ramps on both sides of ink nozzles, the edge between nozzles and the electrical contacts.
  • Step 3: Realign the printhead after cleaning the parts
  • Step 4: Restart your printer to check whether the error message comes up or not.

Issues with Epson Printhead Alignment?

You might find it difficult to align the printhead on your Epson printer. If you are unable to make things work with the instructions provided along the printer, you need not panic. Our experts help you in resolving your problems efficiently. No matter which operating system you use, here is an expert guide which you can follow to make proper alignment of the printhead without any difficulty.

Printhead alignment process differs in various operating systems. You might be thinking about the solutions if you are using an operating system which is missing in the instructions provided with the product. You need not puzzle yourself with such thoughts as long as we are here to eliminate the printer issues of people in New York City. We are providing a detailed guideline on how to align the printhead of your Epson printer using different operating systems.

Windows users, here’s a simple guide for you! Follow the steps below and try troubleshooting the printhead error messages:

  • Ensure that A4 size paper is loaded in the sheet feeder
  • Access the Print or Page Setup dialog box
  • Click on the Utility icon button
  • Then, click the Printhead Alignment button
  • Keep following the instructions provided on the screen to align the printhead.

Using Mac operating system? You might be thinking whether the steps mentioned above will be fruitful for your system or not. We have solutions for you as well.  Follow the steps below to align the printhead:

For Mac OS 8.6 to 9.x:

  • Firstly, you need to make sure that A4 size or Letter size plain paper is loaded in the sheet feeder.
  • Access the Print or Page Setup dialog box in your system
  • Click the icon ‘Utility’ and then click the printhead Alignment button
  • Follow the instructions provided on the screen to align the printhead

For Mac OS X:

  • Make sure there is an A4 size paper in the sheet feeder
  • Access the EPSON Utility dialog box
  • Select the printer and click OK in the Printer List window
  • Click on the printhead Alignment button in the Utility dialog box
  • Keep following the instructions to align the printhead

Following the steps mentioned above, you can quickly get rid of the hectic process of printhead alignment. There are chances that after aligning the printhead properly, you can come across the printhead errors again. It can be due to using a damaged printhead. Without wasting your time, you must opt for effective Epson printer repair.

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Easiest Methods to Solve the Epson Printer Error Code 0x97

Modern technology has presented us with a lot of machines that have made our much comfortable and effortless. Printers are one of the most prominent examples of such gadgets. These have reduced our work to a great extent; there is no need of manually, maintaining the copies of necessary documents. You can have a replica of any document just in few clicks. Epson printer can be the best option and high-quality device for a user. Although, with the passage of time you may encounter some errors with the Epson Printer. Many users of Epson Printer have reported the problem of error code 0x97 when connected to their Mac. So before you move on for Epson printer repair by any technician, first of all, read this blog.

This error takes place due to an internal hardware issue which is usually a motherboard failure in most of the cases. Performing any printing task under such circumstances is tough. So with the help of this post, you will get to know about the different solution that will help you in fixing this issue.

This error pops up with on the screen without any prior warning; your printer will display a message to switch off your device and then turn on it again. Error code 0x97 usually occurs in the middle of the printing process and stops it immediately. This error will continue to display until you fix this error and takes place in the models of Epson Printer, ie. Epson WF-3620, Epson WF-4630 etc. Here are some methods that you can apply to get the problem fixed in Epson Printer.

Epson Error Code 0x97

Method 1: Unplug the printer and then Plug-in

  • Step 1: First of all you need to open the case of the Epson Printer and see whether any paper is jammed or any kind of trash is there. If it is so, remove them carefully.
  • Step 2: Now, in the next step take out all the cartridges from the printer.
  • Step 3: After removing the cartridges from the printer, unplug all the USBs as well as cables of the printer.
  • Step 4: Now, you need to press the power button, it will release the remaining current from the printer.
  • Step 5: Plug the back the USB and other cables to the printer.
  • Step 6: Once you have completed the above steps, switch on your printer and check if the error shows up again.

Method 2: Unplug and Plug-in your device in an inverse manner

This process is the inverted version of the method mentioned above. If method 1 fails to fix your issue, then proceed further with this one. By trying the below process, you can confirm if the error is occurring due to internal hardware failure or not.

  • Step 1: Shut down your printer and unplug all the cables connected with it.
  • Step 2: Now, wait for at least 5 minutes and then press and hold the power button, don’t release it before mentioned time-limit.
  • Step 3: Now, you need to plug in the power cable while pressing the power button again and hold it for another 60 seconds after inserting in the cable.
  • Step 4: Once you have plugged in the power cable, free the power button and see if the error code is still displayed up on printer or not.

Method 3: Clean all the clogged Epson printer nozzles

The wasted ink around the head sprayer can also lead to the generation of error code 0x97 in Epson Printer. To resolve this error, clean the head of nozzles. Here are the steps that will guide you throughout the procedure of cleaning the head nozzles.

  • Step1: Turn off your Epson printer and then disconnect it from the power outlet as well as from your PC.
  • Step2: In the next step, open the casing of your Epson Printer.
  • Step3: Now, take a piece of a soft cloth and wet this in an ammonia-based cleansing fluid that contains ammonia.
  • Step4: Fold it in a way that it fits under the head of the Printer, leave it there for twelve hours.
  • Step5:  Remove the towel and close the printer, after 12 hours.
  • Step6: Print any document to check, if you still get the Epson error code 0x97.

Method 4: Troubleshooter and install missing drivers

If the above methods don’t work, you can try this method of troubleshooting. To do so follow the below steps:

  • Step1: Download the Windows Printer troubleshooter from the internet.
  • Step2: Run the executable program and identify which error is caught by it.
  • Step3: Install all the removed printer drivers and then right click on the icon of Window menu. Choose the  “Device Manager” option.
  • Step4:  A new window will display on  the screen, select the option of “Printers.”
  • Step5: Find the printer with which you are having the issue. Make a right click on it and then choose “Update Driver” option.
  • Step6: Verify if the error persists by printing any document.

This is all you need to do for fixing the Epson Printer error code 0X97, but if you are not able to do so, and in search of Epson Printer support, contact us in New York. We at EpsonSupport247 have a crew of experienced experts in our Epson Printer repair center in New York City, NYC that can fix every issue of your Epson Printer that within a short duration of time. Our solutions for Epson Printer Repair in New York City are available at affordable and reasonable. To have the access to our world-class services call us at +1 838-800-0650.


How to Reset Printer Ink Cartridges in Epson Printer?

Printers are not about printing anymore. There are many other things that you need to take care of. You also need to Reset Printer Ink Cartridges in Epson Printer to keep several issues under check. Nevertheless, Epson Printer Support Number proffers prominent support to tackle creepy printing situations.

Reset Printer Ink Cartridges in Epson Printer

Ink cartridges in every Epson printer play a key role. It is the prime reason for the number of technical snags faced by Epson users. Epson printers come with a chip that disables after a certain time limit. If you do not reset the chip after changing or refilling the cartridges, you may face unwanted trouble. To avoid such situation you need to carefully reset the chip before it gets too late.

Efficacious Solutions to Reset Printer Ink Cartridges in Epson Printer:

There are a number of ways to do that. The most important thing is to find the right one. The blog comprises the proper and the effective solution to help you in such circumstances. Therefore else read the blog out or connect with Epson printer Repair Services for hassle-free troubleshooting.

  • When you are on the way to reset the ink cartridges, the first thing that you need to do is to buy a chip re-setter.
  • A chip re-setter will help you to reset the cartridges without wasting any ink.
  • Be sure about the model number and printer before buying a chip re-setter.
  • You can also check the model number on the left column of the printer manufacturers.
  • After that, take out the re-setter from its packet and thus remove the sticker from the center.
  • Now adjust the bottom of your Epson printer and thus use the re-setter pin to reset the ink cartridge.
  • Next, you need to push the ink cartridge carefully followed by removing it.
  • Enter the re-setter and thus hold the cartridges. Continue doing so for like a minute.
  • By doing so, you will reset the information on the chip using the re-setter.
  • All information like expiry date and low ink levels all will be resettled.

Make a Call at 1-800-610-6962 Epson Printer Support Phone Number for More Composed Solutions at Desk:

In case you are still stuck in the trouble to reset an Epson printer cartridge, therefore you need to avail professional help. There is no better way than placing a call or live chat with experts under our support services. No matter what sort of issue, you are facing, we are here to assist you 24*7. Our complete support and proper guidance will guide you on the right path. And also satiate your need and requirements. Therefore call the toll-free number for instantaneous results.